6 Misconceptions about the Alzheimer Society

By Eleanor Pineau

The dementia journey is completely different for everyone. As the saying goes: “if you know one person with dementia, you know one person with dementia.” Because of the nature of the dementia journey, the services persons with dementia need, and the services their families need, vary considerably in type, amount, and timing. The most prominent provider of dementia-related services is the Alzheimer Society.

Alzheimer Society Logo

The Alzheimer Society is a non-profit organization that is driven to make the dementia journey as easy as possible for all who are affected. This article will go through all your questions about the Alzheimer Society.

  1. As a non-profit organization, all services and products the Alzheimer Society are made possible by donations. So if they don’t have any money, they don’t have any services they can give you. Many programs often get cut due to lack of financial resources. For example, the Minds in Motion program (community exercise program) out of the Alzheimer Society of Waterloo-Wellington will be ending in the next month if additional financial resources are not secured.


  1. The Alzheimer Society delivers an array of services such as:
  • Individual and Family Support
  • Group Meetings
  • Education
  • Companion Programs
  • Minds in Motion
  • Walking Groups
  • Touch Quilts
  • And more…

However, the services provided by each individual Chapter are different. The Alzheimer Society is organized in the following way, and each is its own silo: Alzheimer Society of Canada à Provincial Alzheimer Society (E.g., Alzheimer Society of Ontario) à Municipal Alzheimer Society (E.g., Alzheimer Society of Waterloo-Wellington). Each Chapter responds to the needs in their community which means the programs and services available differ by Chapter. So for all you donors out there, if you want to donate to the Chapter in your region, you must specify this, or go directly to your Chapter’s website to donate.

  1. You can access services whenever, wherever. If you go to the Alzheimer Society today and receive education or support, you can come back tomorrow. You can even come back in 3 months, or a year, or 5 years! The services are there for you when you need them.


  1. The services offered by the Alzheimer Society are FREE!


  1. Your physician isn’t the only one who can refer you to CCAC. The Alzheimer Society can also refer you to CCAC which may help to get you services faster if you’re waiting on your physician.


  1. The Alzheimer Society also refers you to other community support services such as Meals on Wheels, exercise programs, support groups, home care, etc.

The Alzheimer Society is here to help you navigate through your dementia journey.  Through the ups and downs, the good times and the bad, people are always available to help.

For more information on the Alzheimer Society, click here: http://www.alzheimer.ca/en


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